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The Booble Hat by K.Boobs

The Booble Hat by K.Boobs


A Limited Edition Booble Hat, this hat comes in three colourways and will keep your head warm and your attitude bright. Made in Edinburgh, by the genius that is Kathleen Moodie, from British wool, it is double-layered for extra warmth and pulls down to cover your ears against wind. The K.Boobs Booble Hat features the signature K.Moods Ziggy pattern, and is topped off with a nip-slip of a pompom.

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40% of all sales from the K.Boobs Booble Hat are donated directly to UK charity Breast Cancer Now.

100% Wool
Zig-Zag Pattern
Hand wash only, or for extra longevity, spot clean.

Please note the K.Boobs Booble Hat will be posted within 2 weeks of purchase.