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A Crackin' Set of Cans by The Wax Jungle

A Crackin' Set of Cans by The Wax Jungle


A set of two crackin' cans! Handmade and handpoured in Edinburgh by candle artisan The Wax Jungle, this can-shaped soy wax candle is scented with eco friendly fragrance. This set is limited edition purple, and scented as Dulce de Leche (caramel and brown sugar).

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Your new Can-dle must be burnt in a heatproof container to catch any wax runoff and to ensure a longer burn time.

40% of all sales from The Wax Jungle Cans will be donated directly to UK charity Breast Cancer Now.

Burn Time: 16hrs each

Height: 10.5cm

Width: 7.5cm

Please note the Crackin' Set of Cans will be posted within 1 week of purchase.