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Scientific Illustration by Jennifer Colquhoun


New to commissioning illustration? Use this form from the Illustrated Lab to walk you through the steps.


Commission the Lab

In need of some bespoke scientific artwork for your project? I have created illustrations for journals, textbooks, animation, posters and prints. Use the form below to give me an idea of your requirements and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours. There’s absolutely no commitment at this stage, please don’t be afraid to chuck a vague project at me.

You can also drop me a line at if you’d rather - the below form is just to give you guidelines on the kind of info I’ll need to quote for your project.


Please complete the form below

Name *
This doesn't need to be 'official', but it really helps if I have a title to refer to when we're discussing the project.
Deadline *
Let me know your timescales - long or short. Nothing concrete? Give me a rough date anyway. This means I can schedule you in and give your project the priority it needs.
Tell me as much as you can about your project. Is there something specific of mine that you like and would like to emulate? How many illustrations do you require, and do you have any specifications? Anything you can tell me here is great.
A journal, a textbook, poster, billboard, side of a van...
Is there a specific dimension the illustrations need to fit into? For example - a full cover of a magazine, or a section of an article?
How do you need the illustrations provided when completed? Digitally, as a vector graphic, or a physical item? Do you require colour illustrations, or black and white? Will they be printed or reproduced digitally?