The Illustrated Lab
Scientific Illustration by Jennifer Colquhoun

Botanical Illustrations for Lucky Cloud

A series of botanical illustrations, created for Lucky Cloud’s botanical skincare packaging and marketing.

Botanical Illustrations for Vegan Skincare

The Client: Lucky Cloud Botanical Skincare

The Brief

To produce a short series of detailed botanical illustrations which both complimented the client's existing branding, and hinted at a selection of the plants used to create the products.

The Outcome

Together, the client and I decided that a detailed style of illustration would provide both a nice contrast to the existing punchy branding, and compliment it suitably. We selected a small number of botanicals used in the Lucky Cloud products, and these were produced as stand-alone illustrations that could either be used alone, or collaged together for impact.

Client’s summary

Jenni is such an incredible illustrator, from the very first meeting she totally understood my brand ethos and style. She then went on to create a series of botanical illustrations that were not only beautiful (and detailed!) but also unique. Absolutely nothing generic here... I can't wait to work with her again.

- Lucy Cardwell, owner of Lucky Cloud Skincare