Got my tits out for breast cancer research

Breast cancer is the UK’s most common form of cancer. Amazing research is happening, meaning more people are surviving breast cancer than ever before. It’s enough to make you want to celebrate. But hold up - every month there are still nearly 1,000 deaths from breast cancer in the UK. That’s enough to make you want to help.

Together, myself and two other Edinburgh-based artists came to the conclusion it was our time to do just that. Throughout October 2018 (breast cancer awareness month) we hosted Boobzapalooza: a month-long celebration of breasts.

Textile artist Kathleen Moodie, ceramicist-jeweller Beth Lamont and I each created a limited-edition product using boobs as our inspiration. These tits-wild pieces were available to order throughout October 2018, or, in person at the Boobzapalooza Pop Out Pop Up (which was held on Friday 19th October, at Custom Lane in Leith, Edinburgh). There was gin.

40% of every sale from these products was donated to UK charity Breast Cancer Now. We raised a total of £810 for breast cancer research: a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who bought our products and helped us contribute to this amazing cause.

Boobzapalooza was an excitingly successful project was awarded the Creative Edinburgh Collaboration Award in 2018. We’re already making plans for Boobzapalooza 2019 - so watch this space for updates!


The K-Moods Boobble Hat, my Boob Risoprint and the Boob Arc by Beth Lamont.