The Illustrated Lab
Scientific Illustration by Jennifer Colquhoun

Archaeology Scotland Seekers

The design, layout, and illustrations for a series of fold-out poster for children, commissioned by Archaeology Scotland.

A poster for budding archaeologists

The Client: Archaeology Scotland

The Brief

Archaeology Scotland approached me to produce several illustrations and a layout for their new ‘Seekers’ posters. The posters are provided for young members of Archaeology Scotland, and offer up nuggets of information around a specific topic. So far, we have produced posters featuring food through time and communication. Particularly, the client wanted an illustrated mascot - Aye Aye Archaeologist.

A sneak peek inside Issue 2

Issue 1 front cover

Aye Aye Archaeologist

The Carnyx - it’s fascinating and you can read more here.

Issue 2 front cover

The Outcome

Working with the client I produced a moodboard and a colour palette, along with a layout and design for the poster which is being carried through into future editions. Aye Aye Archaeologist was created as an inquisitive, yet lifelike mascot, and the poster featured colouring in elements as well as activities for the children. I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to create a factual, engaging piece of literature with my traditional, detail driven style of illustration and bold graphic elements. And I loved learning about the Carnyx.